Test Activity

Below are a selection of images and video footage of the platooning trucks and their technologies when they were undergoing safety testing.

Prior to the trucks live platooning on motorways in the UK, they were put through their paces undisturbed on a private test track.

Most of the testing was of the sensors, which are designed to detect and identify other road users.

detect and identify other road users with sensors

The vehicles have multiple sensors around the cab to detect other road users.

The platooning system is integrated into the dashboard.

sensor information feeds inside the cab

The driver can see some of the sensor information feeds inside the cab.

On the track there has been rigorous testing to ensure the sensors correctly detect other road users and that the platooning system applies the brakes if a vehicle cuts in too close.

Here they are platooning at the DAF test track in Eindhoven, prior to delivery to the trials team.