The Partners

Under the technical leadership of Highways England and policy direction from the Department for Transport, the project partners bring a powerful combination of vehicle system innovation, operational experience, robust trial design, coupled with a proven understanding of road safety issues.

The project consortium, led by TRL, comprises DAF, DHL, Ricardo, Costain, Milbrook, Transport Systems Catapult, and Apollo Vehicle Safety. Each has a particular role to play in the project:

Project partners

The overall project lead and research partner, responsible for project and risk management

OEM partner and UK market leader for commercial trucks, responsible for supplying vehicles & drivers for the project

Leading logistics provider in the UK, advising on the structure of the trials and operational performance criteria to replicate real-world conditions 

The Connected Places Catapult

Research partner, will contribute to technical trial design and data analysis

Test partner, will provide the test track facilities for the off-road platoon testing

Currently leading the Dutch Truck Platooning Trials and will provide reciprocal representation on both the UK and Dutch Advisory Groups

Technology partner and global engineering, strategic and environmental consultancy

A strategic partner to Highway England with in-depth knowledge of the strategic road network

Research partner, will provide knowledge and expertise on vehicle safety

Vision Track

Technology partner, will provide vehicle monitoring instrumentation

The project is supported by and regularly engages with an Advisory Board which comprises voluntary UK representatives from

and international experts also involved in HGV platooning projects overseas.