Project Objectives

The overarching objective of the project is to collect and analyse data in real operational conditions. To do this, the project is seeking :

To deliver safety and cyber security evidence about

  • platooning drivers
  • other road users
  • cyber security vehicle to vehicle (V2V) control systems

To quantify environmental benefits of

  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Lower vehicle emissions

To determine commercial viability of platooning by examining effects on

  • Logistics schedules
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver workload

To evaluate and assess impact to

  • Infrastructure
  • Traffic management
  • Platooning Operators
  • Human factors & behaviour

To work towards acceptance of technology and standards for platooning by

  • Informing industry bodies
  • Influencing standards and regulations

Ultimately, the practical and technical knowledge gained from working collaboratively on this platooning project means that the requirements to put a ‘live’ platoon on UK road will be well understood.